Photo by Botero Photography
Reconnecting with my essence
Ever since I was a kid, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I’ve had a sense of wonder for photography. I have memories of playing with my dad’s camera—fascinated by this piece of equipment with all its buttons—and flipping through our family photo albums. I was captivated by this art called photography, and, over time, my curiosity and enthusiasm to learn more only grew stronger.

As an adult, my childhood passion took back seat to a more practical career. I earned an Accounting degree from Universidad Santa Maria and worked in the financial sector for more than 13 years. In 2010, I decided to leave Venezuela due to political and social reasons and study for an Executive/Global MBA in Bilbao, Spain. After the program ended at Georgetown University in Washington DC, I relocated to my current home in South Florida, close to some of my family and friends.

My life path not only led me to experience spiritual growth and reconnect with myself, but also revived my old passion.  So, while my day job over the next few years was in  finance, I began to build my photography business—taking courses, working on my skills, and gaining clients.  When the company moved its regional office to other state, I knew it was the right opportunity to pursue my dream.

And I’ve never looked back!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have great mentors who have shared their invaluable insights—artists who are successful photographers and just incredible individuals. (I really appreciate your time and patience, Claudia Calle and Juan Botero! Thank you guys!)

I have been absolutely amazed and humbled by all the opportunities I have been given. I’m so grateful that I get to do what I love: connecting with people on different levels, building trust and using my camera to capture not just moments, but the essence of people’s feelings and emotions along with their stories. Every single day I am learning something new about this fascinating and wonderful journey of capturing the beauty of the world.

If you want to forever remember the most meaningful moments in your life, contact me. Together, we will capture your most treasured moments and turn them into lasting memories.

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